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The Лайм ФХ International team is passionate about providing the perfect forex trading experience, whether you’re a seasoned investor or completely new to the forex market. You can manage all your investments in one place and quickly react to trend reversals on the financial market. Founded in 1998 in Russia, Лайм ФХ Limited is a trusted FX dealer with vast experience limefx company reviews in the field of retail forex trading. Лайм ФХ is dedicated to providing a broad range of trading services, such as Spot metal, CFD brokerage, stocks, and online Forex to traders worldwide. Of course, providing you with the best software is a big part of that mission, which is why we offer forex trading platforms MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 to download for free.

  • We provide different options tailored to the many different clients that we look after.
  • This is the price that a trader would ask for when selling the currency pair.
  • This is an online channel wherein the trading of currencies is conducted 24/5.
  • Average spreads on EUR/USD for some accounts such as the ecn.mt4 are listed from as low as 0.8 pips.

These are called Major pairs (it’s in the name) – they make up 80% of the entire trading volume in the forex market. Forex is short for foreign exchange (sometimes abbreviated to just FX) and is the global, decentralized trading market of the world’s currencies. Traders, investors, banks and exchanges buy, sell and speculate on these currencies, and in turn this activity determines the foreign exchange rate. Trader Central offers forecasts as well as the latest technical analysis.

Getting started on the Forex market is simple

As a result, traders can visit Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download trading applications. Forex trading widely relies on MetaTrader 4 platform because it is more user-friendly and offers a broad range of useful tools. More importantly, MetaTrader 4 has an all-inclusive charting package designed to help traders analyze various market trends. Sign up for a demo account today, and take your first steps into the exciting and highly profitable world of forex trading. While you can trade almost any currency pair in theory, there are certain pairs that are consistently the most traded.

5 Institutional-level spreads are offered on Лайм ФХ Pro accounts on the condition that a minimum account balance of 25,000 EUR/GBP/USD is maintained at all times. If the balance of an Лайм ФХ Pro account drops below the required amount, the spread offering may revert back to retail pricing until the account is topped up. Traders are people who work on the Forex market, trying to ascertain the direction in which the value of a currency will go and make a trade for the purchase or sale of that currency.

Cross currency pairs are also known as Crosses, and are pairs that do not include the US Dollar – which immediately makes them more volatile and less liquid than Majors. While the US Dollar features in every major pair, Crosses are concerned with more ‘minor’ currencies like the EUR, the GBP and so forth. Popular pairs in the Crosses family include the EUR/GBP, the GBP/JPY and the EUR/JPY. To trade forex is to buy and sell currencies – with the aim of making a profit. Forex trading will always involve two currencies at a time, the base currency and the quote currency.

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As such, by buying a currency cheaper and selling it for more, traders earn money on the Forex market. Traders make their decisions based on the analysis of all factors that can affect prices; allowing them to work out precisely in which direction prices are moving. You can make a profit on the Forex market when the value of a currency drops as well as when it increases.

Лайм ФХ

Лайм ФХ pricing greatly depends on the platform in question as well as the type of account. Average spreads on EUR/USD for some accounts such as the ecn.mt4 are listed from as low as 0.8 pips. The best part is that spreads remain almost the same and don’t show massive widening particularly during News. This means that clients can conveniently trade through their mobile devices. Last year, the company introduced Лайм ФХ Mobile Application in an effort to provide traders with unbeatable financial markets’ information. Лайм ФХ offers a wide range of broker products including Commodity CFDs, Index CFDs, Stock CFDs, Spot Metals, and ETF CFDs.

Furthermore, traders can make trades on the Forex market from anywhere in the world; from London to Timbuktu. The latest financial market news directly in the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. The free library offers thousands of additional indicators giving you unlimited opportunities to perform analysis in your trading.

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The Лайм ФХ website is straightforward to use, and traders can view it in Indonesian, English, Chinese, Portuguese, and Russian. Over the years, the Лайм ФХ group of companies has grown to become one of the most sought-after brands in the field of online trading. 11 Please note that margin requirements may vary between symbols and servers. For further information please refer to the Leverage and Margin Requirements section. Whether you’re brand new to trading, or a seasoned veteran, we have what you need.

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Additionally, the company also offers binary trading where binaries can either be in spot metals or currencies. Traders are free to choose between Standard and Premium accounts. Standard accounts are simple, convenient, and straightforward to use hence perfect for newbies. New Traders can begin with Standard demo trading accounts where they have an opportunity to try Forex without risking their hard-earned money.

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Additionally, it offers several technical indicators to traders to help them overlay their trading charts. Thanks to its inbuilt MQL4 programming language editor, traders are in a position to create personalized indicators for automated trading. Лайм ФХ Bonus allows traders to earn points and exchange them for several transactions. More active traders, as well as those with high investing and trading volumes, enjoy the most bonus points.

Лайм ФХ is most likely the most trusted broker online offering a broad range of competitive services and products to both beginner and experienced traders. In addition to their unbeatable products and services, they also provide research and education resources to help traders make informed decisions online. They have an excellent customer support staff and their website, which can be accessed in multiple languages, is easy to use and highly responsive. The Forex (FOReign EXchange) market appeared at the end of the 1970s after many countries decided to unpeg their currency value from that of the US dollar or gold. This led to the formation of an international market on which currency could be exchanged and traded freely.

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Get cashback for trading, topping up, and many other common account operations.

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Due to a migration of services, access to your personal client area is temporarily disabled. Copy the strategies of more experienced traders and profit when they do. Лайм ФХ Comoros does not provide services to residents of the USA, Japan, Canada, Australia, the Democratic Republic of Korea, European Union, United Kingdom, Iran, Syria, Sudan and Cuba.

You can invest your funds in the accounts of experienced traders so that you don’t have to trade yourself. Exotic pairs – or just Exotics for short – are those currencies that come from smaller economies and the so-called emerging markets. Because these offer the least amount of liquidity and the highest volatility of the three brackets, they are regarded as the riskiest to trade.